Paying Simply is here for you

We really are here for you and want to help you simplify your life and make it easier. Whether you are simply looking to save time or for a way to streamline and automate paying your household services, Paying Simply is your solution.

And now each sign-up now includes your first month FREE. Here’s another bonus. Each referral earns another month for you and that person with no limit to the numbers of referrals.

Who we serve:

  • Busy professionals looking to set up and automate their recurring household expenses to focus on their lifestyle
  • Someone who values their time, and sanity, more than the effort needed to log into multiple online accounts and keep track of log ins and passwords
  • Anyone who has been late on a bill and wants to get a handle on managing their bills
  • Actually any individual or household in the USA (so far)

What benefits we offer:

  • Monthly summaries of all the services we paid for you, including confirmation that all your individual accounts are squared up
  • A distilled summary showing a running tally of month over month changes to your bills highlighting easy to understand variances and changes
  • To provide additional value we also give you updates on all your managed accounts, remind you when any contracts are up, give insights on potential savings, and can assist setting up new accounts and switching providers.

How it works

You tell us the number of services you would like for us to automate and pay on your behalf and we take care of the rest. We’ll compile the minimum required information to get you set up so you can focus what really matters in your life.

That’s it. What are you waiting for? Click HERE to sign up.

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