Paying Simply is not here to curate an experience, disrupt an industry, be a trendy startup, worry about our positioning, or be the biggest company. We do not think in terms of market segmentation and lifetime customer value. We don’t want to sell you or convince you to do something you’re not ready to do. We simply exist to provide excellent customer solutions in the name of convenience at an affordable price in the household bill pay arena.

Or if you prefer, think of Paying Simply as a hedge against late fees and ongoing compound interest should you miss paying a bill or two due to some unforeseen reason. Perhaps your interest is more in the time savings returned to you with our automated bill pay features. We provide the convenience of not having to log in to each company’s portal, remember due dates, forgetting and resetting passwords, or accidentally locking yourself out of your account. We value your time and security and we go to great lengths to protect your data and information.

Life is complicated. Life with us is a little less so. If you dry clean your attire, enlist maid services, enjoy meal prep delivery, use Uber and Lyft and Airbnb and Postnotes, or have a strong desire to declutter and outsource this part of your life then we think we can partner to provide you exactly that.

We want to help get you set up quickly and then we hope to be so efficient we’re an afterthought as we pay your household bills. That allows you to focus on the activities and experiences that are truly important to you.