Our Story

We’re simply a small company looking to make a positive impact. And what better way than helping you. Our story comes from a combination of frustration, wasted time, and trying to find a better way to get this area of our life sorted out. So we did just that.

Paying Simply is a company that believes good ideas don’t only come from Silicon Valley, New York, Austin, or San Francisco. We are a team who pride ourselves on conducting business well and treating customers honestly. Starting with the notion that there can be a better way to get a handle on recurring monthly expenses whether it be your cell phone, natural gas, electric, garbage, sewer, water, cable/television, internet, home security, or home phone providers (yes landlines still exist), we built a system that bundles together a service that unifies all those household necessities into a single platform for a small monthly fee.

Beginning with the whisper of a voice years ago that wondered why something like this didn’t already exist, the primordial soup of the idea that became Paying Simply festered about and resurfaced when the timing simply wasn’t right over the course of several years. Pro and con lists were made. Cost/benefit analyses were bandied about. A business plan was drafted and discarded. Fast forward to 2019 and the idea kept knocking around and taking up valuable headspace, and we realized that starting this company would never be at the precise right time, and if we didn’t act now we never would. So we finally acted.

Hailing from Southwest PA in what is considered a disadvantaged opportunity zone in terms of business locales, this endeavor probably wouldn’t have materialized any other way because of the problem being solved had to be identified by people who weren’t satisfied with the way bills were managed. It’s sloppy and unorganized.

Paying Simply doesn’t believe it has to have a flashy presence or a hip location–although those would be nice but we can work with what we have. We know hard work isn’t enough these days and plan to improve every step along the way and offer you more over time. We expect to stumble at times and learn from working with you to serve your needs as we forge ahead. With a dose of modern technology mixed with the polish of some tried and true practices, we hope to offer an experience that meets your expectations through the convenience and simplicity offered to you.

Our focus is on providing the best customer experience on a human to human level, and to escape the trite and often unpleasant business to consumer expectations. We do not have to answer to any outside investors and can make decisions that align with our long-term strategy and are not beholden to the whims of someone’s short-sighted profit motive banking on swift returns on investment. If that’s not business savvy or according to the latest trends then so be it.

We want to build relationships that mean something to you. Our specialists do not have quotas to meet or set times with the intent to rush through a customer interaction and churn through on a purely volume basis. And we promise to keep these practices and attitudes as our core cultural identities as they propel us through today and into the bright future awaiting us.

But our story isn’t as important as yours. Comment to tell us your goals and what you want and we can share them and work together to help you realize them.

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