Our Values

What a company values says a lot about its character. We want our values to reflect the space we inhabit and what we believe yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We value:

Respect– If you speak with or interact with our specialists please show them the respect you also inherently deserve and they will treat you as the most important person they interact with.

Integrity– We aim to act with forthright and transparent intentions. We’re here to do the right thing, the right way, the first time, every time.

Accountability– We’re here to do right by you and if you’re not delighted we’ll work to fix that.

Empowerment-Everyone at Paying Simply has the implicit authority to make decisions that further our interests. Our philosophy emphasizes attitude and mindset more so than formal hierarchical structures.

Ingenuity– The world is ever-changing and we will adapt and remain flexible to take advantage of the opportunities that abound, and will work through our creative energies to shape the environment around us instead of reacting to outside influences.